Saturday, May 26, 2012

I was freaking out last week, pacing the room, like someone stole my car.

Yes, dear blee, my apologies. Every effort of will is made each week that I NEVER miss a Castle broadcast, because in the depths of my soul I miss it as much or more than my dedicated fans when I don't do it. Every once in a while, life obligations (or mere health) must come first. But I do indeed see the show as one of my missions, though it garners me no monetary income, the returns are more spiritual and nevertheless tangible to myself, and gratefully, to the ever-growing pool of Castleheads.

The Gate, yes, THE GATE! Their set was cavernous, mighty, moving all over the place, and low-frequency hums rattled the little bits and pieces of WFMU's fourth-floor studio. My gratitude goes out to Tom, Dan, and Brian, for carrying their gear up four flights (with WFMU's elevator on the fix) and bringing an inspired, mighty performance. You can hear it in the streaming archives, by clicking on our drippy friend above. Mp3s to come, on WFMU's Web portals. Also in the meantime, I cannot recommend their two releases highly enough (the first is an LP, as the Dan Peck Trio.)

I'm also very pleased that over the last few years Diane Farris and I have become a quite productive and mutually supportive team. Her professionalism as a colleague and audio engineer is unsurpassed, and we've brought the WFMU public a great many sessions together. My eternal thanks, Diane.

As to the rest of the show, there was much enthusiasm for Torture Chain's new release; thanks to Todd Watson, my good buddy, for supplying a burn on that one, and mental note to myself to BUY THE TAPE. There is also much afoot in the UK black-metal underground, and the new Satanhartalt LP is a big part of that mighty onslaught, released through a dual effort of the great labels Legion Blotan and All Dead Tapes. I highly recommend going for ADT's 2LP + free Sump tape deal; Gaz is a top guy, and ships fast and reliably. We'll hear next week from another stellar co-release of the those labels, the Arch Toll LP.

As to my set of video-game music, that which owes a great debt to Italian film composers like Frizzi and Simonetti, though there were no specific comments, I hope that many of you enjoyed it, as it might soon be a semi-regular feature of the show, as my interest in the genre deepens. Techno does not suck!

Must hit the showers. Big holiday weekend with my son, who's been feeding me recommendations on all the vid-game music mentioned above. Yes, we can learn much from the young; it's far from a cliché.

Until next week, I remain.... Thanks as always for your support; tuning in, sharp comments, and the like.

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