Friday, August 26, 2011

Hey - those pants sold out in pre-order!

Yes, this week I claim the headliner for myself, as the most laughable line of the night; a bit "inside," but if you know the party or parties involved, utterly hilarious.

The Castle Freak should never have come out of his basement lock-up. To view the full physical extent of his body, his visage, and those all-but-gone genitalia—it would be too much for even the most damned of souls. And he tried to compensate, with the young lady, for his lack of proper equipment, but it all ended up a bloody mess, truly. Truly yes, and no exaggeration, neither for the young lady or for Castle Freak himself. Had her hands not been bound, she could have given him "the tap," but even then, things may have been too far gone. Lousy head indeed!

I had an extra-good time putting last night's horrorcast™ together, hardly consulting my "notes" at all; it's true enough that sometimes one only needs a few good starting points, for any creative venture. So it was last night.

The Roland Kayn piece, to contemplate Kayn in the first, a composer that has inspired me so much, and yet his works rarely grace the Castle airwaves, largely because of their duration, but also because I'm cautious of wallowing in music I truly like that much, so that it may never, ever become routine. The expected enthusiasm followed in the listener comments. (Kayn passed away in January.)

As listener ami ad noted "good tunes" on the playlist at the very stroke of 1:47, I am unsure as to whether this applied to Kavra or Desastrious—both are deserving; grimy black metal of the very highest order—the very sonic equivalent of gloriously ill-fitting pants. Ha!

In addition, after two weeks and as many selections, listeners are already on track with the new Half An Abortion full-length being one of the best noise records of the year. It's called Naked Math Machinery, and is available on Ilse Music. Ho-Lee-Fook, it's good!

Like all of dir. Stuart Gordon's Lovecraft adaptations (Castle Freak is based on the short story The Outsider, which can still inspire tears some 40 years after I first read it), Castle Freak amps up the gore, and takes great liberties with the story, but the still the basic core of the tale remains. Gordon is a smart man, and knew that Lovecraft was quality writing, not meant to be merely "mined" for its skeletal parts. The Outsider is punk literature decades and decades before such a thing existed, before Darby Crash ever thought to write a poem; the ultimate parcel of human alienation, and a spot-on expression of the dusty solitude of our lives within these neato flesh-prisons we carry around. Here is a larger-scale appreciation I wrote of H.P. Lovecraft for WFMU's Beware of The Blog in January of 2006.

Please remember that Professor Dum Dum and I will be at Clifton, NJ's Clash Bar tomorrow night (39 Harding Avenue), starting at 9 p.m., as part of a WFMU "Meet the Listener" event, as well as a Bill Zebub DVD-release and screening party for his film, Antfarm Dickhole. I imagine the event will go on as planned, hurricane be damned; and while we're at it, damn the newscasters and broadcast weathermen too, for so delighting in whipping up general hysteria, and drumming up business for the supermarket chains and property insurers.

Castle Freak will take you to the playlist and audio-archive options for last night's horrorcast, but, uh, best to guard your privates.

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