Friday, September 2, 2011

This is the best part of Thursday night....

Why thanks, listener Howard. Better than whatever party these gloomy fucks above are attending. They're really only happy when rolling their lumpy frames around on the floor in some barely comprehensible immortality rite, caressing one another's greying flesh. Brings the song "Villier's Terrace" by Echo and The Bunnymen to mind. Leave it to director Aldo Lado, who created this blink-and-you-missed-it visual environment I grabbed from his film Short Night of Glass Dolls. As I said to Sarzan, there were NO GLASS DOLLS, neither was it a particularly short night. Such is giallo-logic.

I, for one, had a fucking blast last night putting the horrorcast™ together, I mean I always do, but last night felt especially special, maybe because it was Castle #111. Maybe it was because listener SiHV (the Castle barometer, as I like to call him) was tuning in, in real time. Perhaps it was because the night was taking my sentiment, "forever charmed, forever gutted," and holding it to its breast, for it is when one begins to care that one is truly fucked. THE human mistake, and we rejoice in making it over and over again, and I think you all get my meaning. "YouknowwhatI'msayin'?", as the hip-hoppers confrontationally declare.

Accolades all around for the opening track by Wende, surprisingly a one-man project from the States, though the song titles are all in Deutsche, and the sound strikes me as particularly Swedish, or maybe Swiss, ala Darkspace. Then again, is there really any "ala Darkspace"? I only know the Wende releases are particularly good.

There was a flood of message-board commenting during our first hour, so I know now for sure, though I had always suspected, that a blast of roaring cold is the way to start things off.

What else? Lots. Lugubrum, a perennial favorite of mine that only the nation of Belgium could truly produce, Good Stuff House (Root Strata 2009), Kavra (on Wohrt Records, my new favorite label), Hive Mind's Under Old Earth cassette ... then a beyond-esoteric gibberish discourse with a mysterious listener "ex," and the transmitter/receiver cycle completes itself, having fully read my mind.

As always every week, I am blessed by the music, a gem-thief's cache of exceptional hues, and by your ears, for lending a listen. The evil they, an immortality cult disguised as a chamber-music appreciation society, will take you to the audio archive options and playlist for this week's horrorcast.

MCoQ dates to remember >>> 9/22-23 Seed Stock co-host/guest DJ
>>> 10/6-7 Black Twilight Circle east-coast tour visits The Castle

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