Friday, September 23, 2011

this is good bedtime music.

As I wrote in the promotion for last night's broadcast, "[Seed Stock is] One of the best stateside labels dealing in black metal, its antecedents and children, with a far-reaching eye on the genre, marketing titles from both dead center and the experimental fringe," and that certainly more than held true for our last two hours, entirely programmed by RB of Seed Stock.

From a personal perspective, and as a collector maniac, the show provided me with a wealth of dark corners to explore, releases to seek out, and money to spend in the hungry pursuit of same. Black metal is the genre that keeps on giving, and has opened up to the point where each individual project, fronted by creative nihilists and misanthropes from all over the world, can crank out releases—demo cassettes, vinyl and CDs—with the energy of a one-stop spiritual freight train.

As much as there was perhaps a 15% familiarity overlap between Seed Stock's selections and my own personal library of knowledge, the genre is so vast, and globally spread out, with an almost impossible breadth of sub-sub-sub genres, dedicated labels, and one-of-a-kind entities, that much of RB's selections were entirely new to me.

The first hour, "standard" Castle fare (if such a thing exists), brought playlist notices for Jabladav (great, new homespun release), Sudden Infant (stunning new tape on Robert & Leopold), and Grisâtre (a band that always grabs attention on the show, this time from a 2010 full-length, L'idée de Dieu, on Dusktone.)

The latter two hours, which incidentally will be edited down, effluvia-free, and offered as a podcast (keep an eye on WFMU's Web portals), brought much praise in general, as well as individual notices for Jazigo, Nenavist, Tomhet and Tomhet (the North-American Tomhet was heard during my hour), Villains, Ashdautas and Bone Awl.

Thanks again to RB and Seed Stock; I highly recommend checking out their online store, as prices are quite reasonable and the selection speaks for itself.

In two weeks, the Black Twilight Circle east-coast tour hits The Castle, speaking of one-of-a-kind black metal events. For now, Eddie Romero's Beast of Blood (above) will take you to the archive and playlist for last night's horrorcast™.

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