Friday, August 12, 2011

mine eyes are open

This week's Castle show was of the class I always endeavor to put forth—a powerful, dramatic live guest performer, a wealth of great, contemporary black metal and dark ambient sounds, soundtracks, trailers, and a flood of my beloved horrorscapes™.

And at the risk of being "tacky," or "proud," if I don't sound my own trumpet, who will? I have never been, and likely never will be, one of the "celebrity" DJs at WFMU (you know who they are, they know who they are.) I'm not out to please most of the people most of the time, or to get the most playlist comments, or the most praise. I don't disparage the hard work of any of my colleagues at the station, certainly not, though it seems my lot is to be appreciated fully by the enthusiastic few, and that's just fine. If my grapes taste the least bit sour, it's only because I'm such a fool that I actually believe the music I support should be "popular" music, if not "pop." I use only the best materials to dress my canvas, and expect some notice for it, though it's acceptable all the same that my mood is not the mood of the masses. If there were no "thesis," there would be no need for antithesis.

The Decimus live set was strikingly accomplished, brilliant, exquisite—you'll see. You can hear it as part of the full horrorcast™, by clicking on the hanged priest above, or wait for the mp3 download to appear on WFMU's Beware of The Blog and Free Music Archive.

Also receiving notice on the listener-comments board was the music of the late Conrad Schnitzler, Throudos (new album can be downloaded for FREE), Guilt, Tomhet, gitche-anahmi-bezheu, and the Epileptinomicon/HIJDRA cassette.

A show so tight you could tie a bow around it, and I do say so myself. Pride is the lion's sin, and I'm a lion who doesn't give a shit what the trendies (Martial Canterel? Really?) and the nostalgia freaks are after.

No special guests next week, but lots of great shows and night callers coming up this Autumn (Black Twilight Circle tour, anyone? See Oct. 6 at that link) and many a pending event yet to be inked and announced.

Thank YOU for listening. It's you the listeners that truly make the Castle turrets spin 'round.


  1. Martial Canterel is a flaming turd, The Castle is not.

  2. Just a turd, then? For The Castle, I mean? Dry turds all around!

  3. Good Job!

    strange sounds i like very much! dicimus cool!! Throudos is amazing!!! i like very much the strange atmosphere and the passages unknown, I want more of Throudos and Decimus !!!!

  4. Always a thoughtful commentary, Wm. MCoQ isn't for everyone, but the enthusiastic few ingest it's cocktail of under-the-sink petrochemical solvents with utter glee.
    I will, not meekly, add that I've enjoyed Sean's MC project since Confusing Outsides, but perhaps he is beginning to repeat himself. Or, might you posit, that there's no room for innovation when one simply continues to replicate the past?

  5. My comment on Martial Canterel is that there's no room for replication of the past, not when there is so much innovation to be had—elsewhere.