Friday, August 5, 2011

make your own damn pizza

If you spent any time growing up in the Northeastern U.S., you know the jingle that ends, "Shop Rite has the answer," and though I'm almost positive that they were referring to the "answer" for dinner, with this graphic above, the larger implications become immediately laid bare. Either that, or some drug pusher had a real sense of humor. The "answer," indeed.

Our special live musical guest, Lady Piss, took the high honors Thursday night, no doubt whatsoever, though several items on the playlist also made indelible impressions—45 Grave's first single, "Black Cross," Tinsel Teeth, Odal (again!), Velaad, Wolfmangler, Vanyar and Ash Borer all took home the silver.

The great times just never seem to end on The Castle, and much thanks must be extended to Diane "Kamikaze" Farris, for making the magic happen; she's the woman behind the curtain, and in this case there's no need to ignore the all great and powerful, as Diane made last night's
Lady Piss session, and the Raspberry Bulbs performance and recording two weeks ago, something(s) truly special. Lady Piss' set will post as downloadable mp3s to WFMU's Web portals, Beware of The Blog and the Free Music Archive, sometime within the next two weeks. In the meantime, you may check out my curator portal at the FMA, to review the many past performances and sessions that have graced the Castle airwaves on WFMU.

For now, check out those unbeatable values for yourself—the SHOP RITE logo will at least take you to the audio archives and playlist for this week's horrorcast™, if not to some values of your own. DO NOT BE TAKEN IN BY THE FAMOUS MYTH OF QUALITY.

On a personal note, thanks for the deluge of birthday wishes from friends old and new.