Thursday, March 3, 2011

Demo Hell, and the 2011 WFMU Marathon

The full title is Demo Hell, a My Castle of Quiet Companion 2, featuring exclusive, generously donated tracks by Bob Bellerue, Physical Demon, Skulleraser, Husere Grav, Ungoliant (Joseph Curwen of T.O.M.B.), and Explosive Improvised Device; spiced in are some of my favorite tracks from the black metal demos I've collected over the years—selections by Black Witchery, Whisper, Helvette, and Demon Sword.

The only way, the sole avenue to acquiring said item is by pledging 75 Yankee dollars (or more) tonight during the My Castle of Quiet live broadcast from midnight to 3 a.m. Eastern, or during next week's show in the same time frame. It's a doozy, I worked hard on it, and I'm hoping you'll all pony up for a copy. The Demo Hell cover artwork, in pencil and watercolor, is an original by Castle listener and close friend Sarah Zahn.

WFMU needs your pledge dollars, in order to continue dazzling the populace, as we have done since long, filthy hair and grubby beards were *first* in fashion. Either way, co-host and maniacal mixateer Nat Roe and myself will be having a great time, so please tune in. If $75 is beyond your budget, a minimum pledge of $15 still gets you in on the fun; you're a part of our unique "something," and will still be eligible for drawings for lots of terrific prizes and station swag.

My gratitude and Satanic hails in advance.

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