Friday, March 4, 2011

This is my favorite show to listen to while reading comic books.

Last night, I actually coined the phrase, "down to the goat's chin hair." What resourcefulness the human brain demonstrates when forced! And though the first of two 2011 Castle broadcasts was not quite the bloodletting I'd hoped for, what's proven time and again is that My Castle of Quiet listeners are intensely devoted and righteous to the cause. You all give what you can (some very generous, indeed!), and throughout my time doing the show, I've connected to an incredibly labyrinthine community of lovable noise heads, not-for-nothing raw-metal freaks, seemingly reg.-joe horror-film fans and cosmic-consciousness circuit-benders armed with soldering irons.

The young, articulate and *handsome* Nat Roe, clapped with co-hosting duties for my shift, noted that the show "coheres," and well, that is what I'm going for week after week, presenting music that may be challenging or difficult, or what some would even call "non-music," in a palatable context, expanding listener horizons one head at a time, and as painlessly as possible.

Castlehead love flowed as per usual; this time the board lit up for what's probably my favorite Ash Pool song, "Vices Triumph Over Wisdom." Classic Sabbath, Brown's Lepidoptera LP, the new York Factory Complaint tape, and Liturgy's "Beyond the Magic Forest" also sparked flares. And perhaps most importantly, Skulleraser's track, "Enter/Land," available only on their self-issued CDr, as well as this year's My Castle of Quiet companion CDr, earned itself a "HOLY HELL."

Thanks SO MUCH to listener Alexandra Kogan for adopting me from WFMU's Flickr adoption gallery. Way great and totally unexpected. The WFMU 2011 Marathon continues through March 13th, where it will culminate in a massive DJ-karaoke and pledge-goal-total-reaching party at Maxwell's in Hoboken. My co-host next week? The illustrious Pseu Braun. Super fuckin' good times!

In the interim, I'll be bopping down to Baltimore to participate in an amazing event March 12 at The Hexagon. It's an incredible lineup, and I'm proud to have been asked to DJ, so pull up a goblet and a brazier and say "Hail!" I'll also be holding down a Prison Tatt records table, where you can purchase the new OPPONENTS CD, Together We Will End The Future, as well as one of the last-remaining copies of Grasshopper's "Calling All Creeps" one-sided LP.

Click on the skull-eclipse above to reach the audio archive and playlist of last night's fundraising and hair-raising horrorcast™.


  1. Ha! You used my comment from last night as the blog title- I am flattered. On top of that honour, I also won a prize for pledging to your show! Thanks for the hours of entertainment.

  2. Shawn, it's thanks to Stan Lee that I can read at all! Thanks for listening, and for your contribution! -Wm.

  3. Hey Wm,
    my name is matt, I live at the nicolas cage house in new brunswick.. i enjoy your radio show, thanks for doing it.

    my friend k runs this- - you may enjoy some of it, i think its a great blog.

    my best to your show, blog and the label, ill be listening