Friday, March 11, 2011

In the labyrinth of amazement that is WFMU; The Castle is my black acid!

We did alright, considering last year's relocation of the show into late nights (which in some ways has been a boon—make no mistake—but the playlist action and marathon-pledge activity has been quite obviously minimized—not complaining, it's just a fact.) The faithful checked in, Pseu and I hung tight, and some great prizes were given away, and more than a few of you got copies of my Demo Hell collection.

I invented a voice to accompany the character of an elder colostomy-bag wearer, quite spontaneously at that. Some new friends (Os) and some old friends (GC) checked in with pledges, and that was uplifting, not to mention those giggly girl fellow staffers who popped over and made the Castle slightly less of a gloomy place than usual. (Understand, the gloom is my environment, I welcome it, I nurture it and grow it like a beloved seed. It is much of the reason the show exists.) I am, that said, not immune to giggly girl charms.

In these days where the whole marathon/fundraising experience puts me somewhat uncomfortably in the hot seat (as I've always expected and hoped to just be noticed for doing stuff, rather than make a whole lot of exaggerated effort to get the show, or anything I do recognized (textbook underachiever, I acknowledge)), it was cool to riff with Pseu, and laugh, and do my Oliver Reed voice. Thanks for tuning in and for pledging! Every dime and dollar is appreciated! Hope it made for entertaining radio. Wanna hear it all? Click on Kinski's Nosferatu above; screen cap borrowed from The Lightning Bug's Lair review of the film.

As always, there was some playlist recognition for the rarer sounds; Physical Demon, a band whose praises I sing again and again, contributors to the Demo Hell, A My Castle of Quiet Companion #2 premium CDr, wowed WFMU's own Jeff M. with their uniquely psychedelicized horror/jam/noise.

Looking forward to things getting back to normal as far as the Castle radio show goes, with Long Distance Poison in two weeks (creating a live score for a film I imagined!), Castevet in April, Rust Worship in May, and Richard Ramirez/Black Leather Jesus in June.

Also looking forward to tomorrow night's An evening of: Metal / Noise / Horror, at Baltimore's Hexagon, 1825 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD; see you there maybe. I'll try to remember to wear my Old Wainds shirt; otherwise, I'll be the guy in black. I'll also have an extremely modest Prison Tatt table set up (two releases, and a $3 bin.) Please click the link above for more info on the event.

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