Friday, March 25, 2011

Entirely prime realms of the unreal THANK YOU!!

OH, YOU'RE WELCOME! Take the pa-aison now, do so. It has traveled a long distance, after all. Go all sleepy bye-byes.

Praise aplenty for this week's musicians in the Castle court! Long Distance Poison! Dare to stand close to them, and listen, as did your host and author, and did your session engineer. (Of course, we loaded up on antidote, just to be safe.) You can hear the full, three-hour archive of this week's My Castle of Quiet show by simply clicking on the most-devoted lovers above, and um, choosing your poison of streamed audio. A succinct but enthusiastic playlist-comments board showed naught but love for the live sounds, interwoven with somnambulic apologies - "SO SORRY WE MUST GO NOW, OF ALL TIMES TO LEAVE." —which session will post as one giant mp3 to WFMU's Beware of The Blog and Free Music Archive next week.

Also noted seemingly every time they grace the Castle airwaves were left-coast brethren Physical Demon (this time from their CD Hyperdrift) as well as Sixes, Pulse Emitter and The Cherry Point.

Love can be a little cold sometimes. This post was delayed due to internal problems with blogger; my apologies to anyone who might wait upon these things. 'Twas a very enjoyable episode in the Castle canon, with great music and painless banter (even funny!) All my best to the band; more praises a' comin' as I become gradually one with the recording of Sisu, which I myself did get to collaborate upon with said LDP. Many thanks!