Friday, February 4, 2011

i resent bottom feeders comment--that was just wrong!!!

That's the trick with insults of that nature, i.e., if you think I was addressing you, then it's likely that I was. Castleheads are more apt to be the diggers, the over-curious, the not satisfied. What's "there" is rarely, if ever, good enough for them. That said, the listener-friendly tried-and-true is not absent entirely from the My Castle of Quiet radio show, it just doesn't set the rules, or make up the bulk—it's a seasoning that occasionally provides connective tissue to what's happening now. And that's why I'm here, or at least one big reason why. I never accept, follow, or compromise even three minutes of the weekly broadcast, because I think it might get me laid, or otherwise enhance my personal or social standing, inside or outside of WFMU. It's fairly easy for me to say and write this, too, and not feel like I'm bragging, or being an elitist shithead, because quite literally, in terms of the radio show, my integrity, by way of my unique filter, is all that I have. If I like it, I play it, and I'm already tired of tooting my own horn, so....

Kyle Clyde performed brilliantly, two sets of hair-raising electronic improv, unique renderings that will appear as mp3s for download in about one week's time on WFMU's Beware of The Blog and Free Music Archive. For now, you can click on ill-starred Father Jozef, riddled with forbidden desire like a cancer, to connect to the playlist and audio archives of last night's horrorcast™. (I encourage you, if I may be so bold, to never face the wall of your own reality. Mother Joan, especially when fevered by Clootie, was a desirable, red-blooded woman, and Jozef had a right to his feelings—they both did, despite their collective vows to an invisible and overtly didactic God.)

If you're new to the show and what I do, please also check out my curator portal at the FMA, consisting of all the live sessions I've hosted since July '09, as well as some rare recordings by friends and associates, roughly within the same creative universe.

Compliments and thanks for Kyle Clyde dominated the comments board last night, as well they should have, in addition to notice for recordings by NRIII, Hanged Ghost (available through Seed Stock), Meditations, and yet more archival Schulze.

Exciting events coming up this month on the Castle, in addition to the usual celebration of life (queue birdies and butterflies), including an interview/live chat session with Mike Hunchback and his pal, director Frank Henenlotter (of Basket Case fame, and more recently Bad Biology.) Frank's newest feature is a documentary about Herschell Gordon Lewis, a topic all three of us should be able to, uh, sink our teeth into. The film is screening at Anthology Film Archives for three days beginning on March 11, along with three Lewis classics, Blood Feast, Something Weird, and Scum of the Earth. That's the 24th/25th Castle show.

Even sooner, we're also working on a possible live appearance by Ryan Dunn aka Instinct Control (and there I go, breaking my new rule about one live artist per month, but Ryan is visiting from Chicago, and talented out-of-towners need be accommodated—seize the day!) This is looking good for the 2/18 show, thanks to our friend Bob Bellerue, who also engineered sound for Kyle last night.

March brings the WFMU 2011 marathon fundraiser, and an absolutely deadly CDr premium collection called Demo Hell; more on that soon. March 12 I'll be DJing a monster show in Baltimore with Kakerlak, Lussuria, T.O.M.B., Malkuth, DJ Decapitated Hed, and many others; more on that soon as well. Post marathon, a live performance by Long Distance Poison (3/25.)

Fuck YES! Busy, busy, busy. Less time to cry.