Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bring on the darkness Wm!

Backed up. Behind on everything. Behind on gettin' behind, if you get my drift. "Drift." (—a word for losers; those not "with it" or not "paying attention.") A bloody punchout of the hottest sex is happening, but it's mostly in the movie. The misser 0f 1,000 pep rallies, hell one million. Suboxone kitty.

Sorry I don't have the Kyle Clyde sets up yet; I know that everyone's waiting on them, and they are fucking GREAT, but I need to listen more deeply. Everyone wants the mp3s, but I want to know how I feel about it. You know that annoying little text that accompanies the free music? Important to me. The entire broadcast from last week, meanwhile, can be heard here.

The other night's show, in a haze of proto-illness. Mark Robinson about to be in my head, singing "So, so sick." Let's get one thing straight. Or a few things. I always use this space to speak on what the Castleheads liked, and yeah, we will, but I personally feel great about the Forlis>Josh Lay & Teeth Collection>Carlton Melton bridge. Whoa! I can still do this. Also thinking about starting every week with The Birthday Party; if they had not existed, it would have been necessary to imagine them. NOW IF ONLY WE COULD ALL GROW WINGS AND FLY! And music beds TOO loud (vivid picture of sister Pseu scoffing in my mind.)

I can't fuck around too much, 'cause honestly I feel like crap. Listeners enjoyed the NRIII (yeah!), Leslie Keffer, the Group Ongaku reissue. I am gonna re-find that Desolation link for ya, SiHV, and here it is. What else, what else? Sesso Violento! New and really fucking exciting. From Complexo do Alemao in Rio, Brazil.

Next week >>> Instinct Control, LIVE!!!
The week after >>> Frank Henenlotter and Mike Hunchback live in the studio with Wm.

Nothing but raw, good times—sheer insane enjoyment on The Castle, leading up to the WFMU 2011 Marathon, and the Demo Hell premium CDr. Stay tuned.

Click above on Julia Schacht, from the one of hottest sex scenes ever on film, in Naboer (2005) to reach the playlist and audio archive(s) of Friday's Castle show. Once click more or less...well, she's into it; just play along.

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