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A volcano, baked goods, "getting all PE aggro and shit," salami rolled in herbs, and assorted cheeses and fruits. Jon Brunschwig, Senator Bolton, and Pork Lion. The ritual consumption of a hot pepper. Being praised, advised, teased, thanked and finally questioned. 2011 will be not unlike most years that preceded it.

I have been advised in great number, by trusted voices, to abandon social interaction online, in favor of earnest promotion of the MCoQ radio show, my public activities, and most importantly Prison Tatt records. I.e., shine a lens on what truly matters, not who clicked like on a dislike of my liking in a group I sort of, liked. When people's whole life is consumed by ninja-like mastering of the scent of harassment on the wind, well they've seen me coming from far off, haven't they? So why bother? Why cloud my purpose with offense, especially when a quarry's most severe punishment is that of waking up as themselves. I certainly cannot do worse.

Castleheads enjoyed a relentless and engrossing live performance by C.C.C.C., which started our broadcast last night, clearing the decks of "Rawhide" singers, and resulting in a "comments board of quiet" for the most part. Too bad, as my special guests and I provided that much-celebrated entertainment on WFMUTALK, wherein the four of us perceived conventional reality from a few dimensions over. My usual parking space was tooken, so to speak, so I made the best of it from up the road, with a funnel over my right eye (and by the grace of rose-thorn stigmata, it was not the left.)

That mysterious S-21 CDr also caused a bit of a stir, and Habsyll flattened the landscape as few doom projects are capable. Seriously, these are Frenchmen, and my favorite doom band of recent years, especially as Corruption seem to have hung up their sludge sledge.

Thank you all for listening, as always. I am taking everyone's advice in earnest, though mostly through my own filter. Like I said, NOT THAT DIFFERENT FROM LAST YEAR—but hopefully always entertaining, engaging, surprising. Click on Sister I'm Fucked above to access the playlist and audio archive(s) of last night's horrorcast™.

NEXT WEEK >>> Lussuria, LIVE!

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