Friday, December 17, 2010

Pow Pow

Please click on the fluffy-shaving-creme-mushroom-cloud to access the audio archive and playlist of last's night's horrorcast™. Do.

I do good work for you, no? No need to take a finger this time, besides I have small child...have mercy! I have only but ten fingers left. I promise, I won't say anything. The underground lair has been destroyed, and I have less to say about it now than I did last night. You know me, I'm not a rat, and I don't mind nobody else's business....

If I'm to read between the lines of the "Listener comments!," which I suppose I am, as many a statement post-midnight is rendered opaque to say the least (and to say naught of the "look at my mental illness" crowd) -nods were extended to Vultyr, Aura Noir, and Tecumseh. I personally found selections by Screwtape and Sick Llama to be highlights.

This could have been a private party, with beer, painkillers, and an uncomfortable couch. A pile of recordings—there was NO ONE THERE! Next time, you come over. No witnesses to my accidental flipping of the self-destruct sequence. I shut up and I play music—

Next week >>>
Two exclusive sets by FUN (!!!!!!), from Phildelphia, PA. Embed video.

FUN - live @ BLOODFEST 8 from Breathmint on Vimeo.

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