Friday, December 10, 2010

Intense chops & movement!

Me, I'm usually not an advocate of stalling the red, red kroovy-flow, but in all things there must be limits. And even blood, in the form of madness, must be stalled, no matter how it may feed the creative process in a positive manner. Got me? The blood spittles on my ceiling, falls in blots on my floor, and runs down my forearm like garter snakes. Gotta stop. THE BLOOD!

It must be said, that despite a disarming technical snafu, fired at him like arrows of flame (in the form of complete loss of monitor signal on multiple occasions), the circuits still danced in Isa's honor, and the intense precariousness of this occurrence did not forestall the performer's "intense chops & movement" (witness dw's playlist comment, in our title position.) And though Isa Christ was unable to bring us the set that he had planned, to the objective listener his performance is sure to carry charms aplenty. He had brought us a "pie" of home-wired Xmas lights, radio parts, etc., and it would have been preferred, for Christ's sake, that WFMU's monitor system had cooperated.

Nonetheless, Isa's set remains an artifact of great power, density, complexity and elemental energies, to be posted next week to the Free Music Archive (via my curator portal) and to WFMU's Beware of The Blog. Many thanks to Isa and engineer Ernie Indradat. In the meantime, one may hear the three-hour complete show archive, and view the playlist, by clicking on that paint-drenched fool up top.

Many a playlist nod to our special guest, as well as for Cadaver in Drag, Newton & Dave Smolen, Rambutan (via my personal Facebook), and the trailer for vintage schlockfest, Axe.

You cannot stop the blood entirely, only forestall it. It runs in rivers down our streets, like rainfall down our television screens, and it stains all our hands indelibly.

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