Monday, January 3, 2011

Prison Tatt releases OPPONENTS /// Together We Will End The Future, for fuck's sake...

Every time I play this recording, I am blown away by the sheer power and professionalism of what these young men have done. This is a milestone in contempo electronics, and it's definitely not quite a noise record, and not quite a retro/Krautrock record, or a retro/80s/minimal-wave record, it's really its own thing, with elemental aspects of all of the above, and a lot more. The pro-mastering we did with Julian at On Air in Greenpoint really helped to make these tracks monumental, which consequently have the collective thrust of an "album," in the most traditional of definitions.

If I didn't have ~300 of these in my living room, I'd be clawing over hill and dale to buy one. Proud as fuck I am of this OPPONENTS record (PT 004, though it's the second Prison Tatt release to hit the street; look for another mind-blower, the T.O.M.B. Xesse one-sided LP, in about one month's time); lucky me that I got to release it—this shit really is the grail, so don't miss out.

I'll be selling these at the OPPONENTS show tomorrow night at Silent Barn (915 Wyckoff Ave., Ridgewood, NY) for $9, one dollar off the ppd price. Come out and you'll also get to see a flawless live bill, which also includes MCoQ favorites Two Years On Welfare, Long Distance Poison, Chmmr When Agitated, and Afterlife. I'll also be bringing along some of the last-remaining Grasshopper Calling All Creeps records, available only at this show for $15.

You may also purchase these releases, and hear song samples, using the paypal shopping cart at the Prison Tatt Web site.

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