Sunday, January 9, 2011

Talkin' Prison Tatt, tomorrow night on Just Music, East Village Radio

chuffed | ch əft| |tʃʌft| |tʃəft|
adjective [ predic. ] Brit., informal
very pleased : I'm dead chuffed to have won.
ORIGIN 1950s: from dialect chuff [plump or pleased.]

Plump, pleased, and honored to be invited to talk on the subject of Prison Tatt Records, play some new and forthcoming releases, and recite my grimy credo, with hosts Jeff Conklin and Casey Block.

Tune in to Just Music on East Village Radio tomorrow night @ 10 p.m. Eastern, where and when I'll be draping my noose with Jeff and Case for the full two hours.

I'll be running down our juicy list of forthcoming releases, and shouting out to Brooklyn, New Jersey, Philly, New Mexico, N'awlins and Tejas. Perhaps you'll even be inspired to crack open your browser and hit the site and sample one or both of PT's available releases.

Hear me then.

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