Friday, November 12, 2010

Turn off the camera.

A good rule many serial killers forget, SiHV. But they just can't resist those home-vid "trophies" of their artistic endeavors, their work. Nobody dwells on the down sides of murder—the body disposal, first and foremost, to say nothing of all the hackneyed whining and pleading, the calling out to God, etc., etc., etc. Bloody tedium. Much like European-vacation memories, serial-killer mementos are all about the good times—no freezing your ass off, no waiting in impossibly long customs lines, no overpriced, disappointing meals, and no multilingual beggars harshing your buzz.

Our special live guests, Heavy Medical, despite coitus interruptus by way of still-mysterious technical snafus, played it hard and confident, and by golly were they loud. Don't miss an opportunity to see these two Daves live and in person. The Daves of Heavy Medical also received some love by way of the Castlehead comments board, which was otherwise reasonably quiet; the boys gave good interview as well, especially when one considers some of the, um, théâtre d'intoxication we've experienced in the past.

Castleheads do love Bowl Hits Vol. 1 on Baked Tapes, our latest talkover-bed obsession. Personal highlights of the program for your host (though I'm passionate about it ALL) were the Sick Llama cassette Over Sleep, the Prowls CD, and the High School Confidential live recording.

Last year on 11/11, I was hosting a duo of a very different musical stripe, Ghost Moth (Daniel Carter and Todd Pendu); perhaps one would care to revisit that session here, lest we forget the breadth of unusual music that flows through the "Castle filter."

I've tooted my horn, and it's time to go. Heavy Medical's set will post as mp3s next week to WFMU's Beware of The Blog and Free Music Archive. Until then, you can hear the full Castle broadcast, and view the playlist, by clicking on girl arms above. "Patrick Bateman," indeed! Your first date will be also your last (and isn't that true of most men, serial killers notwithstanding?)

Next week --- SSPS live!
Poor bedazzled mortals know not what we are in for.

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  1. You speak as though you've been through this before? You're SICK, SICK, SICK!