Friday, November 26, 2010

a tribute to my appetite for destruction...

This was the night I wore the hat,
Wore that hat for the longest time,

Was filled to the brim with shame it was,

But someone else's shame, not mine

Feed the Dragon may eat the hat, having earned it with their "Bromide Romance." You can buy that there record, and many other great releases, from the buffet over at Anarchymoon Recordings.

I can rest now, calmly assured, that my colleagues at WFMU hardly, if ever, listen to my show or read my playlists or give a damn what I do or say. They've got the general idea, and that serves.

(Not into "stunts," "pranks" or motherfucking "tributes.") Remember when things used to be either corny or cool? Now, it's all good, simply a social masala. "Down with those frowns," yeh?

There is great comfort in being the ugly, retarded cousin.

Ah, you're all out shopping anyway. "diggin' the grave tonight!", dw? Seething spittle into a maelstrom is more like it. The more one screams, the more one is generally ignored.

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