Friday, November 19, 2010


I lost a day in there somewhere; blame NY/NJ, and the region's insistence on always "fixin' stuff." I think I spent the last day lost on Rtes. 3 west and east, but I'm far from sure. Somehow, I was also plagued by disturbing dreams throughout this time as well. Creepy trysts with ex-girlfriends I haven't thought about that way in ages, impromptu sets with old bands I used to be in (now surrounded by bad vibes aplenty, in the dreamscape at least.) So strange, this lost time. I could posit that Jon Nicholson's SSPS performance diddled with my time/space reality, but it must surely have been me, or my inability to cope with its largess, as Jon's whole sound and vibe is permeated with positive energies. I felt foolish for being negative about ANYTHING during the broadcast hours.

The entire show was for Jon, really; I'd been waiting long enough to book SSPS on the show, that without consciously choosing, I wove a Kosmische tapestry around his performance, and all the pre-recorded selections reflected this reality unmistakably. Jon's set, which incorporated some dozen or more songs in its 75-80 minutes' running time, will post next week to WFMU's Beware of The Blog and Free Music Archive (via my curator portal there.) In the meantime, one can hear the archive of the entire broadcast—Jon's and my sit-down, goofy banter incorporate—by clicking on the crew (above Jon's kustom flyer for the event), laden with fear and doubt as they are.

As I listen and listen again, I swell with pride that it was indeed I who provided the conduit through which this magnificent cosmic opus (all rendered live and in the moment, no do-overs, mind thee) was brought to the public. Catch SSPS in person whenever you can; even better, book Jon at your venue by contacting

It's also worth noting that another few selections from the K.P. Archaeological boxed set turned heads on the playlist (someday, someday....), as did Travis Johnson's "Undressed Skull" from OWL V. Otherwise, it was a quiet night, while some of us danced on our floors, and a great many danced in their minds. Thanks again to Jon, Diane and Sarah.

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