Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hoor-paar-Kraat visits the Castle, tonight

Never ask Anthony Mangicapra what you should get as your next tattoo—well no, I take that back, DO ask him, if you're prepared to chuckle to yourself for days at his response. My suspicion is that Anthony is possessed as much of Jack Paar, as he is of the son of Isis and Osiris.

Anthony is the joker in the deck of noise—a painter, draughtsman and a master of eerie sonic collage—a long-haired, formerly furry-faced, approachable guy, who's always ready with a good/bad joke and amiable conversation. That said, the man has a well-developed dark side, a Pagan nature, and a penchant for making your skin crawl with sound. His project since 1999, Hoor-paar-Kraat, has expanded these notions over many releases (some on Anthony's own Goat Eater Arts label), and encompassed a great many collaborators.

Comparisons could be made to the earliest-of-early Current 93 releases, or Nurse With Wound classics like Homotopy to Marie and Thunder Perfect Mind, though Hoor-paar-Kraat is almost as likely to hit the listener with rapid-fire comic cut-ups, as he is to creep you slowly with patiently building, nearly static, haunted hover of the highest order. You're in a chamber inside a pyramid, the air is absolutely fetid, but at least you've got a good drink in your hand, and a semi-comfortable seat—as Hoor-paar-Kraat has deemed it so. Anthony brings a unique performance to the Castle airwaves.

Check out these My Castle of Quiet streaming archives (1, 2, 3) to hear some of Hoor-paar-Kraat's recordings previously aired on the show.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-CLUNK. @ Midnight
H-p-K @ 12:30 approx.
WFMU 91.1 FM (NY/NJ)
WMFU 90.1 FM (Hudson Valley) live on the Web

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