Thursday, April 1, 2010

Take me away, alien mothership.

Giant, agonizing, protracted lumps of unexplained dead air are to WFMU as blue bandanas are to The Crips, and the bigger parts, those actually filled-in with sound, were pretty damn sweet, not least of all thanks to the mental flossing rendered by Fluorescent Vibes. It's always a good time at the Castle, and engineer Glenn L., Phillip and Corey of FV, and myself, collectively fought uncooperative PATH trains, "mysterious" dead air (in the first half-hour, no less!), and chronic-battered-masturbator haters on the playlist, which all just served to make us STRONGER.

Look for the Fluorescent Vibes' set to appear next week as streamable/downloadable chunks of digital goodness (0s and 1s) on the Free Music Archive and WFMU's Beware of The Blog. In the meantime you can click that crazed, vortexed eye up top (taken from J.X. Williams' notorious The Virgin Sacrifice) to access the playlist and streaming audio archive of last night's horrorcast.

And yes, the people love that new Opponents CD on Obsolete Units, and guess what? Opponents will be riding horseback up the long hill to the Castle this very June.

I also loves me that new DJ Female Convict Scorpion LP, and here's another guess what? DJFCS turns out to be my old friend and Amoeba co-worker Joshua (of too many mind-fucked, psych-slop, Bay Area projects to really count—dude sings a MEAN Scott Walker, too!)

Also starring Klangstabil, Neil / Noah, Andy Borsz, and Maledicere.
(Also thanks to Rob's mom.)

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