Thursday, April 29, 2010

Air filled with stillness. At last.

Yes I'm taking the headline for myself this week. I'm feeling that way. And when my air finally, mercifully goes still—I'll leave knowing that I did a good job, at least at this, this one fucking thing. (I get a fair bit done, when one considers I've been dead almost a year. Not starting to stink either—my rot smells better!)

Lisa thinks she is giving herself to Evan, and in a way she is, but Evan is not the man he was before he entered the church, before he opened the cross-shaped hole in the sub-basement floor. Consumed by submission, Lisa lays passive but aware, happy even, as the beast partakes of her. Their passion will take you to the playlist and streaming audio archive of last night's horrorcast™.

The spectacles witnessed and heard through the double glass on WFMU's fourth floor during my Castle broadcasts continue to amaze me, and shape my consciousness with their intensity, their power, their generosity. Everyone tends to do a good—nay great—set on the Castle. All I do is say, "come." The Hex Breaker Quintet were no exception—they were, in fact, the RULE, as Telecult Powers and Grasshopper are the two bands that helped carve the Castle landscape quite early on; it only makes sense that their combined energies should return to rattle these walls and break the hex. And rattle they did. And the hex was in fact broken.

Not to be believed (I get to present this on the radio? Really?), Hex Breaker's 2-set appearance on My Castle of Quiet will post next week to WFMU's Free Music Archive and Beware of The Blog.

In other matters, y'all LOVED the Francisco Meirino & Bob Bellerue collab CD (me too!), and the chat about the Drunkdriver controversy just will not stop (it's a great fuckin' record, GREAT FUCKIN' RECORD, is all I'm sayin'!) ... What else, what else? Bo Hansson died; R.I.P. The new Akitsa, and the new Explosive Improvised Device, both great, both on Hospital Productions (EID tape sold out.) And yeah, I played Lap Dancer. I love a good upskirt shot. And power electronics.