Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tonight on the Castle - Aluk Todolo, live from WFMU Fest, 10.1.2009

These very busy, talented Frenchmen (whose combined credits also include the black metal band Diamatregon, the insane hard rock of Gunslingers, and the excellent amourtout productions label) opened WFMU's 3-day music festival this past October at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Aluk Todolo combine black metal's gooey cobweb vibes and hyperdrive 2/4 with thudding, Krautrock insistence, and no messy vocals. Just when you're chugging along—big, ugly, stone doors open and monsters come out. Thanks to Brian Turner for coaxing AT across land and sea, and for all his hard work on the mighty Fest, and to Scott Williams for the recording. These tracks, collectively a 28-minute excerpt of Aluk Todolo's set, were remixed and wax-stamped by the band themselves. Please note: Per the band's request, these tracks will not be shared via WFMU's blog or Free Music Archive, as they are versions of songs that will appear on the next Aluk Todolo full-length album.

Doors creak open @ 8.
AT 9-ish.
WMFU-FM 90.1 Hudson Valley
Listen live.

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