Friday, March 12, 2010

Hot Shit This Weekend, incl. a Brutal Show in NB

More Castle mail online, esp. since I keep forgetting to read it on the air.

First off, there's monster show tonight @ The Nicolas Cage in New Brunswick, NJ (great venue name, btw) featuring some very good friends of the Castle on the bill ---

Sissy Spacek (ft. John Wiese/CA)
Gerritt Wittmer/Paul Knowles (CA)
Explosive Improvised Device (Anthony Saunders/NJ)
Cochlear Emissions (2673 + Tonio Hubilla/NJ)
C. Lavender (formerly Paid in Puke/NJ)
Hollow Man (NJ)

The Nicolas Cage
13 Woodbridge st, New Brunswick, NJ
(going towards Somerset)

Then, on Sunday night, for those of you in the North Jersey area, my good friend Biddy is DJ'ing at the revived Connections in Clifton (now called KZ Lounge.) In her own words ---

Check out the revamped insides of what used to be a Biker/Punk club. Bringing back the good old days of what used to be "Connections" with some of the same beauties (bartenders) and frequent party animals attendees. ... the best ambiance, dance floor and sound system I've seen in a long time. ... WE NEED YOU TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, for lack of cool places to go on Sundays around here. If successful it may become permanent.

503 Van Houten, Clifton, NJ
8 p.m.

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