Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Supplies Needed to Follow Along and be Initiated into the Mysteries of the Modern Rites of Pei

These are the Rites, that go with the Initiation, that open the Working, that generate Creative Prosperity for WFMU, that include the Castle that Wm. built ---

1 Yellow candle, 1 Blue candle, 1 Green candle, 1 Red candle & 1 Black candle


5 White candles.

1 Glass of water.

1 Piece of paper, with a request written upon it.

Please place them with the yellow candle facing north, the blue candle facing west, green to the south, red to the east and black in the center. The paper should be between the black and blue, and the glass of water between the black and the red. If colored candles are unavailable please substitute with all white.

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