Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Telecult Powers and more on the My Castle of Quiet vimeo channel

So I've been taping gigs for several months now, ever since I picked up an iPhone. I used to rail at people holding up their phones to shoot stills and video at shows ... "Why aren't these people experiencing things in the now?! All they're thinking about is how great this will look later on their Flickr page!!" Now I'm the asshole with his camera out.

Still, I do feel that important things are really happening, especially in terms of the Brooklyn-based noise scene (though not at all exclusively, as you'll note from the selections I have up.) I first began uploading things to my YouTube channel, which up until that time was typically reserved for funny home vids my son and I make together. For reasons that will be obvious to most of you, I decided to pick up the whole thing and plop it down on vimeo. And yes, there are a few amazing clips back at YouTube, which will eventually be re-upped to the vimeo page.

Here's the latest upload --- my Kosmische brothers Telecult Powers, rumbling the firmament at the Nyack Village Theter a few weeks ago --- the full set >>>

Telecult Powers from My Castle of Quiet on Vimeo.

Make sure to also check out Telecult's feature article in the newest Signal to Noise magazine. Congrats, guys!

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