Thursday, March 18, 2010


"Time enough at last." You know when that happens? When you're tasting dirt. There is never enough time for everything, so do nothing. Or never sleep. Your choice.

The black magician hates to lose a battle, perhaps because he so rarely does. When he feels himself losing, his rage knows no bounds. All hordes must rise to serve (their souls are damned, anyway—might as well put them to work!) I have my share of (very) bad days, but I never put a nail through my face and spit blood on a few dozen wax dolls. Does that make me restrained? Reserved? Controlled? Even human?

Click on Lo Lieh, badass extraordinaire, to access the playlist and audio archive of last night's horrorcast™. That's right, I said "™".

Starring Goblin, Physical Demon, Ken Timber, S.k.i. M.a.s.k., Music for Monsters, new Malveillance, Dodsferd, Vicious Beast, Lussuria, new Merzbow, and Rust Worship.

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