Monday, May 4, 2009

Screen Capture(s) of the Day

Despite these potent images (and the fact that the ghoul on the title card looks like a prototype for Facebones on Metalocalypse) Satan's Slave ultimately makes for a lukewarm happening. If, like me, you're jazzed by 60s-70s low-budget satanic/black cult/possession/chosen-one film motifs, and a few good kill scenes make for icing on the cake, well then you've already seen this one, you sad completist. Satan's Slave is made somewhat special by the presence of Michael Gough (the man behind the Baphomet above), a strong and perhaps under-appreciated luminary of horror/fantasy films and thrillers. Gough, primarily known as a character actor in television, and from small roles in blockbusters like The Boys From Brazil and the Batman movies, is notable also for his starring roles in the much-beloved schlock classics Horror Hospital (directed by Antony Balch of Towers Open Fire fame) and Trog. More great screen caps and a review of Satan's Slaves here.
Trailer here.