Monday, May 25, 2009

Album of the Day - Bloodhammer

Some six years onward, this is still one of my favorite black metal albums ever. Bloodhammer are a still-active project from Finland (please don't call them a "kvlt horde"—in 2003, we didn't yet have such instantly overworked terms), and Abbedissan Saatanalliset Houreet is their finest moment—dirty, garagey, catchy as hell and a little sloppy, in all the right ways—as much a descendant of "Louie, Louie" as of Darkthrone's Under a Funeral Moon. The guitars are mixed way up front, so much so that the drums sound like distant gunfire jockeying for position.

This a rip of the CD, though the rarer LP version (pictured) features one additional track.