Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Cassette Stuff - Mark Graves

First of all, this guy has a great name, whether it's his born name or not.

The other day I posted The Ergots' "Happy Mother's Day" from this same split cassette—here now are a few tracks from the Mark Graves side of the tape. I rediscovered these songs while scanning the tape for the Ergots track, and found them to be perfectly in line with my listening of recent weeks. I've been almost completely immersed in semi-improvisational, creepy musical atmospheres, crusty noise and submerged melodies. "Horrorscapes," as I imagine them, and these Mark Graves tracks hit the mark with that delightful vibe of home-multitracked gloom. Hope you enjoy.

>>>Mark Graves - "Terminal Breathing" & "Thunder Duck"