Monday, April 20, 2009

Kustom Komp of the Day - Hemp-Hop

Originally posted April 20, 2006, on Beware of the Blog. Because I have no new ideas today.

Compiled in 2003 (so I guess it's worth revisiting at least every three years!)

This goes out to Terrance and Kevin, my old smoke buddies from Trenton, who introduced me to "haze," and tried in vain to teach me how to roll a blunt.

Lots of great tracks, especially the Luniz, Eazy E, and Warren G.

Nun_cannabis_28kb_3HEMP HOP
1 Bob & Tom – Weedies
2 Double D – Blaze A Blunt
3 B-Legit – The Hemp Museum
4 Eazy E – Down 2 Tha Last Roach
5 Iconz – F Heron
6 RBL Posse – Smoke A Blunt
7 Project Pat – Blunt To My Lip
8 Redman – How To Roll A Blunt
9 Total Devistation – Hemp Rally
10 Krayzie Bone – Smoken Budda
11 Warren G – Indo Smoke
12 Warren G – Smokin’ Me Out
13 Luniz – 20 Blunts A Day
14 Luniz – Got 5 On It
15 Trick Daddy – Weed Song
16 Dayton Family – Philly Blunt
17 Andre Nickatina – Smoke Dope And Rap
18 Dr. Dre – Blunt Time
19 Schoolly D – Smoke Some Kill

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  1. Aw hell nah, you oughta roll this shit up in a make it easier to download. Also, I would like to say that Mystikal has some excellent weed songs, particularly "Still Smokin'" where he talks about going to the weed spot right after he gets out of his probation hearing.