Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Album of the Day - LFO / Freak e.p. and Video

Latter-day-Kraftwerk sifted through the distorted beats of the 90s dance floor. The singles "LFO" and "We Are Back" (both from 1990, and collected with remixes on a great Tommy Boy CD) are still some of the hardest, speaker-chomping fuzz-outs of the pre-Gabber era.

The Freak e.p. is undeniably LFO's other great masterwork, a percolator filled with candy and razorblades. The video for the song "Freak" is also good fun, and went nicely with the J-Horror films I was watching at the time it came out, like Uzumaki and the original Ju-On video series.

>>LFO - Freak e.p. + mpg video clip (2003)<<

As a bonus track, here's the theme from Uzumaki, "Raven" by Do As Infinity:

>>Bonus track<<

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