Wednesday, August 26, 2015

You are nothing!

...said the dude in the plague-doctor mask to the gal in the hog-tie face cage.

Ride For Revenge, with their clang and buzz, their sturdy, insistent mid-tempo declarations of Satanic love, opened our horrorcast™ last night with an extended epic that highlighted all their thudding, grubby mastery. ...Listeners also liked 80s-vintage slimy electronics from Master/Slave Relationship and Cat Rapes Dog.

Personal highlights included "Watchin' You" from Kiss ALIVE! (a formative album that led to "stronger stuff" for me); another track from the Kristallnacht Tour de Garde collection (2010, though currently in heavy rotation here @ home); fantastic, new One Master; great, new Sapthuran on Vanguard Productions cassette; tracks by Indricothere | Ramlord | Cherubs (brand fucking new!) | Ground | Clocked Out (LP on At War With False Noise) | ...and thoughtfully reissued classic Kraut-electronics from Conrad Schnitzler (rare interview airs tomorrow on WFMU's Strength Through Failure.)

Our still this week, which inspired great reaction & inquiry, is from a film called The Poughkeepsie Tapes, a "found-footage," serial-killer torture-captivity film on which my personal jury is still out...quite a compelling image, though.

Paul Bruno fills in next week, providing lubricious entertainment. See you in 2.

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