Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Holy crap

...or unholy crap, as may be appropriate.

I've been extraordinarily lucky, since returning to WFMU's weekly air in 2009, in that my show quite often falls on or proximate to my birthday. What could be better than being able to put out 3 hours of concentrated music appreciation on one's anniversary of birth, the "highest of all holidays in the Satanic religion"?

Of course, the mighty frontispiece of last night's My Castle of Quiet program was our live set by the great Volahn, making their third visit to The Castle—an outstanding charge of supreme black slaughter of the very highest order. Volahn are always surprising, I'm always floored by their meta-level musicianship and the sheer power and force of their performance. This time, their set was recorded to multitrack, with live mix and outstanding post-production work by JP Gautreaux, enhancing / preserving all the energy with an album-like feel. Couldn't be happier!

Also making the greatness even greater was the live debut of International Mrs. & Mr. Leather, in our last hour; two great, talented people I really admire; a heavy electronics performance rendered in-the-moment, right there next to me in WFMU's Studio A. Strong, heady, steamy stuff. Plus they brought cake.

In betwixt the live KOs, our usual array of thorny releases / recordings, new and old, including: vintage Nuit Noire, new on LP from Seedstock; more greatness from the It Follows OST, by Disasterpeace; bracing, blackened selections from Ramlord, Arcanus Tenebre, Arizmenda, Nocturnal Blood and others.

Hear it all by clicking above, on the frenzy of psychedelic, tentacular love captured from The Dunwich Horror (1970.)


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