Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How are you going to mop up all that blood?

"Not false" was the watchphrase for the evening, a "good, old-fasioned" Castle show; TWO ABSOLUTELY FLOORING sets from Encounters, fierce chunks of necromancy, electric and vibrant. Todd W. (Husere Grav), our guest several times previous (and one of my favorite people in the world) and Raj (aka FRKSE, of the great Divergent Series label) kept great company, and we reveled in horror-ciné talk, wholly in its place on My Castle of Quiet...a conversational thread I'm always interested to explore, and something I'm always happy to have more of on the show (the music is great, it's why we assemble, but it will also "keep.")  

"I'd watch Lance Henriksen make a peanut butter sandwich!"

Great to see and converse with good people, thus rebooting one's very interest rolling out of bed in the morning. The occasional discourse on Roger Watkins, Necrophagia, Jim Van Bebber and Amityville II: The Possession is good for the soul—my soul, at least.

Playlist comments were light, though my opening bridge of Bauhaus-into-Shellac (into the great Italian Catholic-guilt purveyors Father Murphy) seemed to garner some appreciation. Newer sides by Belus, Welkin Dusk and NYC psych-freakout guides Pulcinella were among other high points.

Much gratitude to Encounters for their intense performance(s)! You can hear their sets, and the full program archive by clicking above, on our weekly screen capture from The Raid: Redemption (also discussed in our circling film-appreciation table talk.)

Thanks for listening. Back next week...

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