Wednesday, September 9, 2015

do you have any TKK?

Why yes, I do! Have a soft spot for that old Wax Trax! grime. I rarely if ever take "suggestions" (as listener Jake Gould noted, sounds much better than "requests"); my old 80s-90s show description in WFMU's LCD 'zine used to end with the sentence, "None of your damn requests." (My default method is cut those solicitors off at the knees.) Still, as we saw last night, sometimes a request can suggest an unconsidered path. 

It's a common misconception that I go out of my way to *not* be a crowd-pleaser, which couldn't be further from the truth. It's quite simply that my own listening habits need constant, fresh input, frequent reboots of new sound stimulation, so I work the show outward from that personal premise, with the understanding that listeners often respond favorably to the known/familiar; I endeavor to appease that demon to some degree, while answering my call to duty of spreading the more-challenging and the seldom heard.

'Twas a lively playlist, with much crowd participation and commentary. The suggestion of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult steered me toward great selections from my stash by Magas and Teatro Satanico.

Also garnering playlist-comment praise were: vintage Cure | Ride For Revenge | Father Murphy | Death Factory [extended selection from great 2013 CDr] | smooth ecojams from MindSpring Memories

Our screen capture this week comes from Stuart Gordon's Dagon, and while not the director's finest H.P. Lovecraft interpretation, it's worth a watch for its mood, production design and arresting visuals. [trailer] Click on the image to reach our horrorcast™ playlist and streaming archive.

The biggest news: My Castle of Quiet continues into the new WFMU schedule, starting next week, through June 2016. Looking forward to a live visit in late October from the legendary Mortífera; that month marks WFMU's Web-based "silent" fundraiser and mascot contest, more info t/c.

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