Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Thanks slugluv1313, I thought it was a skin-crawler; even more so if you see the movie, Wake In Fright (1970), a landmark in existential cinema, and Australian cinema overall. High-tension, and not a minute wasted! Click on owur luvvley haaus bend to reach the streaming audio archive & playlist for last night's My Castle of Quiet horrorcast™.

Fan favorites included: "So Jellified" from the new album by Cherubs [got MY attention for sure!]; classic 1981 krautrock from Hardy Kukuk, brought to us by the excellent Wah Wah label, featuring Klaus Bloch, more well known for his idiosyncratic Extrem Musik a la Ping Pong albums.
Some YT audio below:

Listener blee praised the "fierce[ness]" of our second set, which included many new tracks, from One Master | Hercyn | Hadit | ...and a quartet of selections from three cassettes on the outstanding, UK-based Yamabushi Recordings label.

Thanks for listening and joining in. Back next week...

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