Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Yay! I know injustice!

So, the buoyancy of the holiday break comes crashing back down to reality. I fell for it, maybe more than most. Too bad that all our lives cannot be more in general like that week or so of relative quiet, and joyfulness. "Reality" isn't just a bitch, this year at least, it's more of a cruel mistress.

...I liked doing something a little different, opening the show with a few more seasonally gloomy selections, easing in to the expected burst of high-energy roust, grind and blackness. ...I enjoyed very much the triumvirate-opening of C93, Bad Seeds and Weyes Blood (excellent new album, The Innocents, with thematic ties to the great 1961 film; the band is currently on North American tour), leading into the playlist-notable selection of Mogwai's central musical theme from Les Revenants (a simply enthralling French TV series, known here as The Returned, and based on the noteworthy film They Came Back (2004, written and directed by Robin Campillo.) Mogwai are a highly evolved instrumental combo, that for all their years of varied, excellent work, deserve more of my attention in general.

What else did we do? We talked about I Spit On Your Grave, (the most talked-about, if far from the best rape-revenge film; I personally prefer both Ms. 45 and Baise Moi) and how despite the claims of the original trailer, that "there isn't a jury in this country that would convict her," listener JakeGould noted that, "I think there is a jury in Ferguson that would convict her. How dare she fight back!"

We also touched on the burden of work, the kind you don't necessarily enjoy but do solely for pay, and how people tend to "blossom" during those few days to a week or more of respite some of us enjoy during the holidays. Case in point that last week's comments / chat was one of the most active, lively and brisk The Castle has seen in many a month.

Also, video-game music once again infiltrated our show, with selections from Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac, and I again have my son to thank for directing my attention to these most-Castle-friendly of selections.

Releases by Bog Oak | Bleak (also currently on tour!) | Human Bodies | J. Soliday | Sale Freux | Contact | and the ever-present Zavod' also thrilled.

Click on our eerie capture from You're Next (which, though it did not resonate with me quite enough to make The Castle's end-of-year film list, warranted two views and was very enjoyable) to reach the archived audio, playlist and comments for last night's horrorcast™. Thanks as always for tuning in / joining in.


  1. I saw the original to "I Spit on Your Grave," a year or so ago. Kinda hard to watch, but to be honest, I would've done the same thing.

    1. Of course! Rapists deserve "eye-for-an-eye" retribution! Yes, it's gritty. I saw the lead actress speak on a panel of actors from 70s exploitation films, at Chiller a few years ago, was illuminating, the whole panel was really great. If you want to see more of the rape/revenge subgenre, try Ms. 45, an excellent film.