Wednesday, January 28, 2015


The media frenzy over Snowpocalypse 2015 resulted in a whole lot of nothing, unless you work or invest in the supermarket industry, as is most often the case; the ever-susceptible, with a will to embrace the panic, will say, "but hey, Hurricane Sandy!" and that being the singular exception, aren't you even a bit tired of being manipulated? I performed my habitual, bi-weekly round of grocery shopping, even grabbing a few extra things to drink and snack upon Sunday night, but in my gut, I knew the resulting 1/4-to-1/3 of what was predicted for snowfall would be what would likely happen.
Stop being so READY for disaster! People in Canada are laughing at us....

THAT SAID, due to the predictions and warnings, my brain was very much in hibernation mode, and I thought it possible that instead of a live Castle program, you'd all be treated to this, my special with director Frank Henenlotter from 2011 (a great show to stream if you've not yet heard it, and more than a bit removed from "standard" Castle fare.) Alas, my interview / discussion with the Basket Case / Brain Damage / Bad Biology auteur will have to wait until the next regional disaster for a possible on-air repeat.

Personal highlights from last night's horrocast™ included new selections from new releases by Caïna (new on BLR) | Vorde (great album!) | Nekromantiker | and NightBitch, who we'll be hosting for a live set NEXT WEEK. The Shaved Women > Night Bitch span got a "Brilliant set!" from listener Frito Puente, many thanks!

Listeners seemed to really groove to our last set / hour, typically where "dark" meets "esoteric," with great selections from Edgar Froese (R.I.P.) | Spettro Family | M Dwinell, and others.

Click on the over-helmeted, murderous knight, above, from the first scene of Michele Soavi's The Church (a long time personal favorite) to reach the audio archive, playlist and comments for last night's program. Thanks for listening.

NIGHT BITCH live next week, Facebook event here

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