Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Special Victims Team

Last night's live set by Couch Slut was so gloriously heavy, it had a blast radius—which means I'll be thinking about it, musing on it for weeks, months to come. It was without question the most anticipated, in sheer numbers—the most talked-about and keenly discussed of all our live My Castle of Quiet sessions. The Castle is at its very best when there's a real-time sense of community and open exchange, via our playlist, event page and Facebook group. That the band themselves turned out to be awesome, relatable individuals was / is one of the great benefits of doing what I do at WFMU. Don't miss the chance to pick up their album, via handshake inc., and if you're in the NY area, catch them live this Friday @ Saint Vitus, their record-release show.

Much love on our playlist also for The Frogs | Guilty Feelings (an amazing album for $1!) | and sets that included Young and In The Way | the legendary and under-appreciated Cherubs | Alucarda | Shaved Women | Deformity | Ivy | Energy Vampires | Contact | Zombies Under Stress (great Netherlands eerie-electronics project, still active! The track we heard was from 1987.) | and a terrific new 7" by our friend and former guest Lea Bertucci.

Not much to add at this point, as I'm still recovering from last night's seminar of heaviness.

Click on this week's screen capture, the ghostly final scene from Bob Clark's Black Christmas (1974; a personal favorite, and the first ever "the calls are coming from inside the house" movie) to reach the streaming audio archive, brisk and lively discussion board, and playlist from last night's horrorcast™.

In two weeks, we'll have live music again, with guests NightBitch!

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