Wednesday, January 14, 2015

lets build a palace .... and drag our shit through the halls!

And here I was, thinking that there should be a metal band named "Tipper Gore," turns out there already is. No worse a name for a band than Form A Log, or Personal and The Pizzas.

We were very much in expected Castle territory last night, starting off with the most-unholy quartet of tracks by Ancestors (grimy, horror-basement "bonus material") | Abruptum (antique 10") | Swallowed | The Body and Thou. Followed in short order by a set that included comment-worthy tracks by Pest | the ever-present Orthank | Smorzando (anyone else notice that the signature riff recalled "Another Brick in the Wall"?) | Lalo Schifrin | Young And In The Way | Ivy | the ever-present Raspberry Bulbs | Shaved Women (new album!; band link is to live 2012 MCoQ set) | the ever-present Impalers | and the trailer audio for Jerzy Sklimowski's great film The Shout.

Lots more followed; including new tracks by Luciferum Penis | Bog Oak | the ever-present R. Nikolaenko | ex-WFMU staffer and supergenius John Schnall | Excepter | and the welcome surprise of a great 1968 Philip Glass recording, new on LP / CD / mp3.

Thanks to artist Gea Philes for finding / sharing this week's screen capture, from Leos Carax's Pola X. A love-dance slog through tomato soup! Click there to reach the playlist, audio archive, and your always-appreciated Castlehead commentary.


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