Friday, July 29, 2011

*mop* *mop* *mop*

It's been a while since I saw The Black Pit of Dr. M., so I don't really remember what's going on above. It seemed to me, though, an adequate metaphor for my own midsummer. Don't look at me, don't see me...and I'll just about see you with this one, exposed eye (for emergencies.) My life has never felt more on hold, more "waiting for the next, big thing" than it does right now.

I don't really want to be alive, not that I want to be dead; just need a break. But not "doing stuff," ceasing to move amongst the others and get a few things done, well you practically have to shoot off a leg for that to be acceptable.

How was the radio show? Just fine, thanks. I always have a good-to-great time, a plan, and an execution. Oaks of Bethel, "Giratina Battle Music," Tomhet ambient works, Rust Worship, and Lady Piss all received notices on the Castle playlist.

Of those events I must remove the head-gauze for, most notably, the above-mentioned Lady Piss, Baltimore's finest, from a trickle off the curb to your radio, NEXT WEEK ON THE CASTLE.

The following night, at the Nyack Village Theatre in Nyack, NY (a really pleasant, cozy place to sit and watch a couplet of disturbing movies) comes My Castle of Quiet Movie Night #2. In all seriousness and sincerity, I hope to see YOU there, it's my birthday, and there's nothing I like better (considering I'll be awake and de-gauzed) than to see some good friends, make a few new friends, and screen some of my favorite films. Click that link for more info.

Click on gauze-head above, living the life of which I can only dream, to hit the playlist and audio archive of this week's horrorcast™.

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  1. It is indeed a disturbing film, there were parts of the film that I couldn't watch.