Friday, July 1, 2011

Complaints are HIGHlarious.

People. A necessary evil. Be ready with the machete when your options for dealing with them dissolve. April functions best on her own, despite the occasional bout of tears, and she ends "the movie" in much the same way in which she started it. And isn't this really a microcosm of how we live? You can't merge souls, for chrissakes, unless you're John-and-fucking-Yoko. Like many of the better zombie/plague films, new and old, The Dead Outside is a gorgeous metaphor for how we deal with one another in this human zoo. Zombies aren't real—but isolationism, fear of relating, and a frothing herd at your heels—these are all things that ring a bell for most of us.

J. Soliday and I were just touching upon the topic of EVPs when the bell tolled and we had to wrap it up, but I want to know, what would YOUR ghost say on repeated, electromagnetic loop, when the rag-tag band of "paranormal researchers" came a-callin'?, 'cos mine would say, "don't leave"—followed after a few heartbeats by "get away!" Prone to terror at the very thought of loneliness, but also quick to shout away anyone who gets too close, my life is a zombie feature.

Much praise on the playlist comments board for our live performer Mr. Soliday, who danced with the circuits like a pro, no manual required. What magnificent self-expression we were treated to! Jason's two sets will post as mp3s to WFMU's Beware of The Blog and Free Music Archive, once I've had my chance to come away from the moment, listen more deeply, and figure out exactly why the work was so magical and made us all tingle.

Other notable selections inculded the new, limited Lussuria LP on Hospital Prod., the new-and-already-on-second-press Arizmenda full-length tape on Crepusculo Negro (these CN releases REALLY need vinyl documentation!), and the new OPPONENTS 2CD on the Opposite label.

April is a simply lovely young lady (if you can get to that level with her, it's far from easy), too young to have seen and have coped with all she's been through. She wields that machete only because she must. Survival is the key. She, in a rare moment of generosity, will guide you to the playlist and streaming audio options for this weeks' horrorcast™.

Thanks again to Jason Soliday (and to Bob Bellerue for engineering!)

Next week, the live debut of Raspberry Bulbs! (Sorry, this is a closed, broadcast-only event.)

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