Saturday, July 16, 2011

Killing it, killing it, killing me!!!!!!

"Mommy and Daddy are really good at playing dead!"

Me, too. And sometimes it's a necessity that I "play dead" for a day or so after a Castle broadcast, oh, mostly because of the hours of the live broadcast, but also because of the dynamic spectacles I sometimes witness through the double glass, and the extremely influential, pervasive energy that's released both on the part of myself and the performers. This week, probably more so than ever before.

'Twas all about the 'Bulbs—mighty, mighty. I didn't even realize the humor in what I said, about the band being "ready to burst" in the adjoining room, at least not until my next-day review of the archive. All that raspberry jam all over the live room would have been a disaster; I'd still be there cleaning it up...but no, all went finer than fine, and the RB live debut was truly jaw-dropping, as one commenter on this blog put it. Everything went right, and at the right time.

When I wrote to RB/Seed Stock all those many months ago, maybe more than a year, it was really a strike in the wind; I never thought I'd actually be hosting Raspberry Bulbs' live debut for all to hear. And man, it's great. Where "punk" and "black metal" bisect one another for all the right reasons, and none wrong. Incredibly well-rehearsed, and infused with passion and expertise just waiting for this moment to escape, the session sounds fucking great. For now, you can click on the unwittingly triumphant duo of Mario Bava's Twitch of the Death Nerve (aka Bay of Blood) to hear the full, three-hour horrorcast™, and view the accolades and obfuscation of the listener comments.

In other good news, the RB set will be shared, via WFMU's Web portals in due course (i.e., don't rush me.) I strongly suggest you also avail yourself of the next-nearest opportunity to see them live (Red Light District, 7/30), because, as they say, "hearing is one thing; seeing is believing."

I have not much more to say (still recovering), thought the new Arizmenda tape continues to dazzle the faithful, and I only wish that it were a little more available, or that maybe a vinyl issue would surface, because honestly, there's a demand, and it's not that uncool to be able to reach your audience, the ones with baited breath who are only waiting to shell out a few $ to own your latest release. In terms of the full programming of this week's show, I've always a few gems up my sleeve, as I jump in with both feet and research, research, research the music I love that stimulates my existence (you'll find those gems if you listen.) But this week, I'm more than pleased, I'm..."finally burst," shall we say, to allow Raspberry Bulbs' outstanding, powerful performance to rattle center stage.


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