Friday, June 25, 2010

So very happy right now.

The nimble, stray feline, on its way lilting between garbage cans, tail pointed toward the north star, cares only about what it will eat tonight. Tomorrow is, quite simply, "just some other time." This cat cares not for oil spills, unreasonable paranoia, its own personal reputation, or the so-called "end of the world."


WAS I. least temporarily, to describe the terrorizing stratum of KILT's imperious performances, aired on last night's Castle horrorcast, rendered in almost real time. (There, in fact, are some adjectives for you. More to come when KILT's full performance posts as mp3s to WFMU's Free Music Archive and Beware of The Blog.

Cross the Queen of Black Magic, and this could happen to you. Head severed, but the game is so NOT OVER, and in fact has only begun. Yer fukt, Daddy. Click above to access the playlist and audio archive of the Castle, adrift as it is currently on a Roger Dean-imagined mantle of wee-hour earth.

Also noted on last night's playlist, excellent new work from Enslaved by Owls.

Next week --- Two Years on Welfare!

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