Friday, June 18, 2010

Responsive to stimuli.

"Come on, c'mon, c'mon to a violent world with me..." Or not. Do you have that violent world in your head, as I do? Do you wanna be the guy wearing the mask, or the person looking up at the mask? —Because it takes all kinds, and all kinds are welcome. Welllllllllllkummm.

Noted on the playlist by Castleheads were The Blue Daisies, the mind-slamming new Decapitated Hed tape, Opera IX (aaaaaagain!), and J. Solida (thx Slane!)

Still adjusting to the new digs. Things do get a bit opaque at around 2:15 a.m., so I'm thinking this might be "black metal time"—if only so I don't float away on an ocean of 'pataphysical haziness. But hey man, no rules.

"This is toooo eeeeazy for a last advenchaaaaaaaaa." Why did the guy in Scare Their Pants Off say that, and using his "character" voice when he was behind the scenes, looking through the peepholes with his accomplice? This makes no sense, as the girl on the table in the other room could not hear him. I'd like an answer. Is method acting required for what these guys were up to? ... If you are a responsible adult, click on the masked ravager above to access the audio stream and playlist of last night's horrorcast™.*

Next week—KILT!

* "Notably more brutal." - C. Lavender

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