Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Only Gonna Get Worse From Here On In, Folks.

Starting this Thursday, June 17/18 at the stroke of midnight, My Castle of Quiet radio is moving into its new time slot for the WFMU summer schedule. That's Thursday night for me, and Friday morning for you accuracy sticklers (the day ain't over 'til you go to bed, see.) So my new show's on Thursday nights at midnight, got it? Midnight to three a.m.

At first, I was bummed to be kicked out of east-coast prime time (my ass still hurts), but then I realized a) people listening in other time zones, or later in the archives, could give a shit what time it is; and more importantly, b) in the late night, I can really DANCE with this fucker.

While it's not quite as challenging to play 25-min. power electronics pieces at 2 a.m. as it is at 8:30 in the evening (and that was part of what was cool about being on local prime time), with nobody "paying attention," so to speak, I can surely do the sickest, ugliest, angriest, bloodiest Castle yet.

Freaky cult film people, porn stars, blood drinkers and grave diggers are hereby invited to come down, or at least drop a line and try me. Pass it on. Let's have some fun already, as our demise is surely nigh.

The music will be the darkest, most uncompromising shit that passes for "noise," "metal" or "punk" etc. The whole show's gonna make you want to punch holes in the wall with your head. Even the quiet bits will make your flesh crawl. Basically the same show, but now I'm pissed off. I'm wearing my pants up higher and tighter on purpose, as I'm getting older, and besides, it intensifies my delivery.

Look for Castle visits early in the season from KILT (6/24), Two Years on Welfare (7/1), C. Lavender (7/15), and Hoor-paar-Kraat (7/29.)

Above, see the custom Nikes of a Senator Neil Bolton of Brooklyn (myself on the right foot, Mathbill on the left.) Thanks, Neil! And thank YOU, Castleheads, for an explosive year. More pounding in the chaos to come.