Monday, May 24, 2010

Terrier live debut this Thursday, 5/27 @ GBM

I feel like Lovecraft's The Outsider most of the time—a deformity, an error, and one that should be in isolation for the sheer benefit of society. Make no mistake, I know what I bring—my unique filter (by way of the radio show and this blog), a few words of wit and hopefully wisdom, and true passion and support for the music I deem excellent. I'm always deeply honored, then, when artists I admire, like Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer, Jowe Head, Andy Borsz, Andrew Scott, and Bob Bellerue invite me and/or agree to collaborate. Who, me? I'm just the guy who listens, not the guy who does. Plus, I can hardly stand to walk past a mirror anymore, much less be seen.

This time it's Bob Bellerue who's dangled the noise hook, and we're calling it Terrier. Bob played only a few weeks ago on the Castle as Diablo, has released some great recordings under a host of different names, and collabs with everyone from, well, me, to veritable gods like Z'EV.

Terrier. A small dog of a breed originally used for turning out foxes and other burrowing animals from their lairs. • Used in similes to emphasize tenacity or eagerness.

Bob and I will turn out the foxes with tenacity and eagerness, and will hopefully be the sonic equivalent of navigating a narrow, cobwebbed hallway lined with razor blades. Bob may have other plans, though, and such is the beauty of collaborations. We'll be supporting some great talent this Thursday at Goodbye Blue Monday; please attend if so inclined.

9:00 p.m.
1087 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY

Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III
Ben Owen