Thursday, May 6, 2010

My parrots and I whole heartedly agree.

Sometimes it's good to just sit there, behind the console, and know that if I want to hear "Someone's Gonna Die," or a whole album side by Cornucopia, I can play it. Thanks, WFMU, and to all the Castle listeners (especially you regulars), and all the great bands/artists, for getting me through the hardest fuckin' year of my life.

(Sorry, was that too "serious"? Should I keep it light, impersonal? No one else does. People blab all over the Web about their ta da boring everyday shit, so why not me? "Hypocrisy is the key, to self-fulfilling prophecy," yes? So said Ginsberg, and I dig Ginsberg. I'll lacquer the floor with my own mythos, and YOU play it light, OK? "Here's me standing next to a big fucking rock." Think about your career. This shit could come out later.)

Sweet Satan that looks good. Look at Colette; she can taste the sweet rush that's coming. She's been on "Big H" for a few years, and has been working for Olga to feed her habit. Colette will also take you to the playlist and audio archive of last night's horrorcast—if she's not "entertaining"—though you may emerge more than a few dollars light.

Castleheads ate up that Demons track from a few years ago, the Mister Fuckhead tape, and that mighty, mighty Cornucopia LP on Anarchymoon. Go PR! You also loved again all over the new Opponents (and you oughta) and Défaillance turned a few heads with their cries of despair from the heart of Alsace.


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